Preliminary Writing 3 Test 1- Part 2

Question 6
You are going to spend some time with your Scottish friend Douglas next Saturday.

Write an email to Douglas. In your email, you should
• arrange to meet Douglas next Saturday
• suggest something you could do together
• say how long you will be able to spend with him.
Write 35-45 words on your answer sheet.


Task-specific Mark scheme
The content elements that need to be covered are:
1. An arrangement to meet Douglas next Saturday
2. A suggestion for what to do together
3. An indication of how long you can stay with Douglas
The following sample answers can be used as a guide when marking.


Hi Douglas

How are you?

I’m writing you from in London, I’m here for 2 weeks vacation and I’d like to meet you on next Saturday, if it’s possible for you. There is a nice art exhibition that we could See at the National gallery. We can stay together just until the evening. Write me back as soon as you can.

Examiner Comments
All three content elements are covered appropriately and the message reads clearly. Language errors are minor. Note that candidates are not expected to include email format to get a 5.
Band: 5


Dear Douglas

Hello Douglas. How are you these days. I’m good.By the way what are you going to next Saturday? If you have time shall we meet on next Saturday? If you OK. Please tell me how long will you be able to spend with me? I’d like to buy new jazz CD. But I don’t know which one is the best. So please recommend me! I hope you return your mail soon. Please say hello to your family.

Examiner Comments
In this script, all three content elements are attempted but the third one has been misunderstood, as Douglas is asked how long he will be able to spend with the writer. A few language errors are present, causing some effort to be required in reading the message.
Band: 3


Dear Douglas:
Hi! It’s me, How are you?
I’ll go to Scotland nest month with my friend. So I’m going to meet you on Friday at 6p.m. I’ll waitig you in the starbox there just in Oxford street. Could you take some information catalog or guid book of Scotland. You should tell me abaut travel rote and other many thing.
Buy the way I tell you I only spend with you for 2 hours becaus I have to go to my part time work. But I’ll pay for you nice diner.
See you bye.
Jin Xue Hua

Examiner Comments
This is an inadequate attempt, as the meeting is being arranged for Friday not Saturday. The answer is much too long and fails to demonstrate the ability to write a clear message. Language errors also require effort in processing the message.


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