Ielts vocabulary-Crime

Ielts vocabulary-Crime

      1. turn to crime: trở thành tội phạm 
      2. pickpocket : móc túi 
      3. steal: ăn chộm 
      4. kidnap: bắt cóc trẻ em 
      5. ethnic cleansing: xóa sổ dân tộc 
      6. crime against humanity: chống lại nhân đạo 
      7. color or region: màu da hay tôn giáo 
      8. go to prison; đi tù 
      9. a victim of crime: nạn nhân của vụ phạm tội 
      10. reduce crime rate: giảm tỉ lệ tội phạm 

        Hãy dịch đoạn sau: 
        Why do we have crime? When will it all stop? It’s sad that there is so much crime in our society. It hurts so many people. Most people in the world just want to live happily and be good neighbours. Why do some people turn to crime? Money is a big reason. Many criminals pickpocket, steal, kidnap, or even kill people to get money. There are many terrible crimes in the world. Perhaps the worst is ethnic cleansing. This is a crime against humanity. Many people are killed because of their colour or religion. People who commit this crime rarely go to prison. Have you ever been a victim of crime? What do you think we need to do to reduce crime rates? Perhaps you should write to your government. Tell your leaders enough is enough.

        Qoute for today: “nothing can defeat a person who never gives up!”


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