Danh sách video phải học của học viên pro basic

I. Crazy English 

  1. Success chant 
  2. I am Vietnamese 
  3. Learning english is a piece of cake 
  4. My oath
  5. People in my family 
  6. Just do it
  7. Success is up to you 
  8. Three key point of success 
  9. English prison special oath 
  10. The most powerful self -talk 
  11. Rome wasn’t built in a day 
  12. No matter how 
  13. Never give up 
  14. English – the international language 
  15. Have fun learning English 
  16. Speak speak speak
  17. Time 
  18. Memorizing words 
  19. The secret of my success 
  20. How to take responsibility 
  21. How to be a good parents 
  22. How to build a great family 

II Effortless English 

  1. A kiss
  2. Mini story for a kiss
  3. The day of the dead
  4. Mini story for the day of the dead 
  5. Fat man 
  6. Mini story for fat man 

III. Self-speeches

  1. Giới thiệu bản thân
  2. Interview
  3. Free topic with teacher Linh and use all techniques in speaking 
  4. 7 video for each technique


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