Bài tập về mệnh đề quan hệ Toeic

  1. Customers ——- wish to retum merchandise within 7 days of purchase must present the valid receipt to the store

         (A) who          (B) when             (C) what             (D) whom

  1. Many branch offices were established in the suburbs 10 years ago, —— which time the volume of traffic was also steadily increasing.

          (A) at             (B) over               (C) across           (D) during

  1. The Victoria Hotel,…….. we stayed during our summer vacation, will be torn down for extensive renovations. (A) when        (B) where            (C) in that            (D) in it
  1. Anyone ………. experiences complications with the new software is encouraged to bring this matter to Mr. Gruber’s attention in room 210.

          (A) who          (B) which              (C) whom            (D) whose

  1. Of the products and goods …….are traded online are sold directly by the owner.

          (A) they           (B) those              (C) that               (D) these

      6. Recently the director released a list of engineers ………have been nominated to lead the bridge project.

           (A) which         (B) who                (C) what             (D) they

      7. Dietary supplements……..come from plants are generally known to be safe, but some may interfere with a                 wound’s capacity to heal

            (A) whatever    (B) whichever      (C) what              (D) which

      8. Job candidates ……..are presently unemployed or are studying to obtain a degree must furnish this                            information on their application forms.

             (A) which          (B) who               (C) whom             (D) whose 

      9. Gecko is an organization…….missions to provide financial relief to families left homeless by natural                           disasters.         

              (A) which          (B) whom             (C) that                (D) whose

     10. Any contract …….is not signed by the members of the Board of directors would have no legal power even                though its terms may have already been executed.

               (A) whom         (B) who                 (C) which             (D)  what

     11. The director develop a list of criterias for development,…….he feels will boost the company’s prestige.

                (A) that             (B) who                 (C) which             (D) what

     12. XXX employed eight certified agents, all of……were trained at the same institute in ABC.

                 (A) their            (B) whom               (C) this                (D) what

     13. Conference attendees …… confirm their attendence early will be eligible for preassigned seating. 

                 (A) whose          (B) what                 (C) who               (D) whom  

     14. At a meeting yesterday, we studied the most recent budget proposal,……the board thinks will help pull the                 corporation out of debt.

                  (A) whether       (B) where                (C) which           (D) that

     15. Changes in our organizational structure have created ways for employees to explore opportunities …….were             previously not available.

                   (A) those          (B) there                 (C) what              (D) that

     16. Mr.A collected a list of employees ……..were unable to attend the official company picnic.

                   (A) whose         (B) what                  (C) who               (D) whom

     17. The company is requesting that high-level executives complete a survey…….details what their main tasks                consist of.

                   (A) whose          (B) what                  (C) which             (D) whom

     18. The package ……was sent to Mr.J was returned to us when the mail carrier could not locaye the address                   on the shipping label.

                    (A) when            (B) who                  (C) that                  (D) what

     19. GasCo sell more than 8 milion gallons of oil a year, half of…….is consumed in the United States alone.

                    (A) many            (B) which                (C) each                 (D) whose

     20. A dinner will take place next Friday to honor Richard, ………has been a great asset to this bank for over                   thirty years.

                    (A) who               (B) which                 (C) of which            (D) whose

     21. Nearly half of the customers——responded to the survey said that Austraclear delivered services that were               above their expectations.

                    (A) who                (B) whose                (C) they                  (D) what

     22. Mr.McKen………..has been working on the campaign longer than anyone else will take charge of the project.                      (A) who                (B) which                  (C) that                   (D) whose

     23. The Garden Show, …….annually demonstrates the newest technology in horticulture, draws over 5000                     attendees during its week-long run.

                   (A) when                (B) which                    (C) where             (D) whose 

     24. An employee……….performance during a specified period is satisfactory is entitled to a wage increase                     based on current pay standards.

                    (A)  who                 (B) which                     (C) whom            (D) whose

     25.An investment …….. gradually increases in value over the years can be more profitable than more short-term                      (A) that                    (B) they                       (C) what              (D) when

     26. Customers ——- purchase their orders from the website of Westminster Books receive an automatic                         discount of at least 10%.

                    (A) who                    (B) whom                     (C) whomever     (D) whose

     27. Karen Solden will replace Harold Walker, ——– is being promoted to a higher position in the company.

                    (A) he                       (B) who                        (C) his                  (D) whose

     28. The main artists ——— paintings are being sold at the Garrett Gallery are Elaine Crick, Jason Chambers.

                    (A) who                     (B) whose                    (C) their                (D) whom

     29. Those ………wish to get the best deal from their shopping are advised to compare product features.

                    (A) who                     (B) whose                    (C) which               (D) whom

     30. Customers……….products are provided through an existing arrangement should contact us immediately.

                    (A) who                      (B) which                     (C) whose              (D) that

     31. Unauthorized entry into the building is not permitted,except to guests……..have obtained a special security                         (A) who                      (B) whose                    (C) which              (D) whom

     32. Emma Jean, ………….was nominated for an Employee of the Month Award for her exceptional work.

                     (A) who                      (B) anyone                   (C) whom              (D) which

     33. You will need to take the time to evaluate your own needs in order to determine the purposes for —— you                 will use the software.

                     (A) what                        (B) which                   (C) whom               (D) where

     34. The names of upper management to……….. you must report will be provided in order to get budgets                         approved for projects.

                      (A) whom                       (B) whoever              (C) what                  (D) where

     35. A password …………is provided to you will enable you to access some important student information.

                      (A) when                         (B) who                     (C) which                 (D) whom

     36. ………… those applicants who have graduated after four years will be considered for the position.

                      (A) Who                           (B) Only                     (C) Which                (D) Whom

     37.  ……. those who are determined to attend the seminar, tickets are available at the HR Department.

                       (A) For                            (B) Whose                   (C) What                 (D) Their

     38. If coming from Salt Lake City, take the Bonneville Speedway (Exit #4), …….. is the first exit west.

                       (A) what                           (B) which                     (C) where                (D) who

     39. Employees ………. are experiencing technology-related problems may ask for help by placing a call to the IT             team between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.

                       (A) who                              (B) whose                   (C) which                   (D) what

     40. The ISC has a conference room,…….. can accomodate up to 10 people for small group meetings or classes                            (A) Where                          (B) Which                    (C) That                     (D) Who

     41. The receptionist , …….answered the phone, told me that the director was out.

                        (A) who                               (B) whose                     (C) that                      (D) whom

    42. The woman ………….. Ann must take care of is very poor and old.

                        (A) whom                             (B) that                          (C) who                     (D) whose

    43. Venice, ……. was built on water, is a city in Italy.

                        (A) where                              (B) that                         (C) who                       (D) which

    44. …………. who has questions regarding the hospital bill, pricing information or insurance coverage can contact           our customer service representative

                        (A) Others                              (B) They                      (C) Herself                    (D) Anyone

  1. The northeast is one of the best regions in……….. to start a new business, according to business and enteprise north east statictics.

                        (A) what                                 (B) which                     (C) where                    (D) whose

    46. Eli Clare, ………….. latest book was published by Local Home Press, is nominated for the 2010 Lambda                      Literary Award.

                        (A) whatever                          (B) whom                      (C) what                     (D) whose

  1. The head of human resources posted a list of all the employees ………. are transferred to another department next week.

                         (A) whose                             (B) who                          (C) where                    (D) when

  1. Ms. Kennedy was given the responsibility for managing the downtown building project, which …………. by the board of directors.

                        (A) is overseeing          (B) was overseen          (C) has been overseeing      (D) be overseen

  1. Nearly half of the customers ……… responded to the survey said that Austraclear delivered services that were above their expectations.

                         (A) who                       (B) whose                       (C) they                              (D) what


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