Bài 3

  1. Tóm tắt bài giảng:
  2. Cấu tạo Danh từ

– Đuôi của từ (WORD ENDINGS)

  2. –ism : baptism, criticism, organism, heroism, patriotism, alcoholism,

barbarism, dwarfism, parallelism

  1. –nce : importance, significance, dependence, arrogance, resistance,


  1. –ness: bitterness, happiness, darkness, hardness, carelessness
  2. –ion : excision, damnation, pollution, suggestion, a notion, an action, vexation, concoction, completion, suspicion, decision.
  3. –ment : abridgement, accomplishment, banishment, commencement,

embodiment, enhancement, excitement, fragment, garment,   ornament, treatment

  1. –(i)ty : purity, authority, dubiety, majority, superiority, humidity, cruelty,

faculty, honesty, plenty, safety, subtlety


  1. –age : baggage, carriage, cartage, damage, dotage, hermitage, homage                language, luggage, marriage, passage, tillage, tonnage, vicarage,
  2. –ship : citizenship, headship, professorship, chairmanship,

fellowship, scholarship, companionship, friendship, hardship, relationship, craftsmanship, entrepreneurship, horsemanship, membership, courtship

  1. –th : bath, birth, death, oath, growth, stealth, filth, health, length, strength,

truth,           depth, breadth, wealth.

  1. –dom : freedom, kingdom, officialdom, wisdom
  2. –hood : childhood,       falsehood,       sisterhood,       brotherhood,

neighborhood, likelihood, livelihood

  1. –ure : closure, picture, scripture, legislature, nature, failure, pleasure.
  2. –cy : bankruptcy, captaincy, democracy, privacy, delicacy, advocacy,

confederacy, accuracy, obstinacy, piracy, , aristocracy, expectancy, efficiency, presidency, sufficiency, deficiency

  1. –(t)ry : rivalry, ancestry, carpentry, industry, greenery, machinery, scenery,

bakery,        brewery,          bravery,           slavery, archery

  1. –logy : archaeology, geology, sociology, theology, zoology 16.  –graphy : bibliography, biography


  2. – or : actor, creator, doctor, monitor, sculptor, successor, guarantor,

conqueror, donor, governor, solicitor, tailor, visitor. bachelor

  1. – er : teacher, interviewer, hatter, geographer, astrologer, cottager, foreigner, Londoner, writer, New Yorker, northerner, villager, airliner, old-timer, sorcerer
  2. – ee         : employee, payee, devotee, escapee, conferee, absentee, refugee.
  3. – ist : chemist, dramatist, economist, geologist; dentist, pianist, tobacconist; Buddhist, Darwinist, idealist, Marxist, racist, optimist, pessimist
  4. – ician     : magician, physician,  musician, electrician, beautician,

politician, statistician, mathematician, mortician,

  1. – ant (10%) : assistant, accountant,  consultant, contestant, inhabitant


  1. Tài liệu đọc thêm:
  2. b) V + -ment/-ance/-ence/-age/-ery/-ing/-al —> N
  3. c) V + -er/-or/-ar/-ant/-ent/-ee/ —> N
  4. d) N + -ist/-an/-ian/-ess —> N

III. Bài về nhà

  1. A shoe of leather is a………
  2. leather shoe b. shoe leather          c. shoed leather         d. skinned leather
  3. ………….. I bought is in the fridge.
            a. fish                                      b. the fish           3. 3. ……………  shoes are always of various types. c. a fish               d. fishes
            a. Woman’       b. Womans’     . c. Women’s d. Womens’    



  1. Glasses for holding beer are……..
    1. glass-beer               beerglasses
    2. glasses of beer                    d. beer’s glasses
  2. A horse which runs races is called a…………..
    1. horse race race-horse               c. racing horse           d. races-horse
  3. A table used for writing is called…………..
    1. table-writing a writing table     c. a written table
  4. They are …………
    1. woman-professors             womans-professors
    2. women professors               d. womens’ professors
  5. We have got a lot of………..
    1. book of exercise                 exercises-books
    2. exercise’s book’s                 d. exercise-books
  6. They’d like to spend the week-end at ………
            a. their aunt’s   b. their aunt
            c. their aunt’s house  10. The…………. is long.   d. their aunt house
            a. knife’s handles   b. knife’ handle
            c. knife handle   d. handle of the knife
  1. ………….. birthdays are the same day.
    1. mothers’                              mother’s
    2. mothers’s                            d. mother
  2. That man has two………..
    1. brother-in-law                     brothers-in-law
    2. brother-ins-law                   d. brother-in-laws
  3. The………. toys are cheap.
    1. child’s         children’s  c. childrens’        d. childrens
  4. Next month we have two ………..holiday.
    1. week           weeks          c. weeks’                      d. week’s
  5. We must follow…….
    1. the will of the dead           the dead of will
    2. the dead’s will                    d. the dead will
  6. A meeting held during the night is a………..
    1. meeting night                     nightly meeting
    2. night-meeting                     d. nighty meeting
  7. It has belonged to our family. It’s the……….
    1. families       families’       c. family’s        d. familys’
  8. …………..for instance, might find it hard to laugh at a Russian joke.
    1. The French                        A French
    2. A man in France                d. If you were French
  9. As he hated…….., he decided to desert.
    1. the life of army                   life in the army
    2. life of the army                   d. the army for life
  10. The latest exhibitions, films or plays are only…………
    1. by bus a short distance away a short distance by bus away
    2. a short distance away by bus d. the distance of a short bus away

Đáp án:

1a 2b 3c 4b 5b 6b 7c 8d 9a 10d
11a 12b 13b 14c 15a 16c 17c 18a 19b 20c



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